Picky-Picky Quimby was the name of the Quimby family's beloved cat. Robert Quimby liked to joke around and forget his name, calling him, Picky-Sticky or Sticky-Picky. He said he'd call the cat by his name when he learned his.

Death Edit

Picky-Picky passed away later on in the movie when Beezus and Ramona Quimby were left home alone. The two girls created a memorial in their backyard and buried Picky-Picky's body underneath a painted stone.

Picky-Picky Quimby




16 (movie) 12 (TV series and books)




Beezus Quimby

Picky- picky passed away in the book Ramona Forever.

Relationships Edit

Ramona Quimby Edit

She likes to dress him up, to his disliking. This may be why he was very grumpy.

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